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blue raspberryblue raspberryblue raspberry
blue rose I'm Rasputin! I also go by Raspberry, or just Rasp! I go by Luno/Luns/Lunself Pronouns as well as They and Xe Pronous! I like drawing and writting and I wanna learn more!

My Pronous

Luno is the Esperanto word for Moon

I really like the moon, it makes me happy, so I picked the Esperanto word for Moon: Luno.
I adjusted the word to fit a pronoun set better!
Luno/Luns/Lunself flows better than Luno/Lunos/Lunoself.
But if anyone else wants to use these pronouns then it'd be really cool and you can use them however you want!
Esperanto is a international Auxillary Language! Most people can comprehend it without learning it!

My Writting

It Felt Better

A Ghostbusters Fanfic Drabble on ao3

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